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Safe Patient Handling Workshop

Challenges of a service user can be improved through utilisation of the correct safe patient handling equipment and sling model. Whether transferring from one surface to another, transferring between rooms, or in need of toileting or hygiene access, Hill-Rom (Liko) offers a wide range of options to fit all service user care needs.

Hill-Rom (Liko) would like to offer your team a safe patient handling workshop free of charge. Within this workshop, your team can learn about a variety of Liko safe patient handling equipment, including mobile hoists, sit to stand aids and slings.

The objective of this workshop is to make safe patient handling easier and safer to help to increase the quality of care given, resulting in a better quality of life for patients that require this type of equipment.

Topics covered

  • Assessing the patient’s ability/clinical status, size and lifting situation
  • Selecting the correct safe patient handling equipment
  • Selecting the correct sling and sling fabric
  • Choosing the correct sling bar
  • Available Hill-Rom tools to support

If this would be beneficial please leave your details on the contact page and a local member of our team will be in touch to arrange a visit.