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Protect Patients, Protect Caregivers & Improve Outcomes

Effective lifting solutions

We understand that Occupational Therapists encounter individuals with diverse functionality and mobility whilst working in the Community.

We have been working in partnership with Occupational Therapists within the UK since 1994 and offer extensive experience in the lifting and transferring of patients with greater safety and care.

Our products are developed to be easier, safer and more efficient aids to use during lifts and transfers, enhancing outcome for patients and their caregivers.

We remain focussed on the safety, quality and environment, ensuring security for patients and their caregivers.

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Patient Assessment

To make sure the safest correct solution for service user is agreed quickly, we would like to elude to the availability of joint visits to complete a service user assessment and an environmental assessment.

We can assess your service user for the sling model, mobile hoist, sit to stand aid and even assess building work to confirm a ceiling track hoist can be installed if required for longer term care needs.

If this would be beneficial please leave your details on the contact page and a local member of our team will be in touch to arrange a visit.