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Sit to Stand

Sabina II Sit to Stand

The Sabina sit-to-stand lift is especially designed for people who have difficulty in standing up on their own from a seated position. Sabina is intended for use with patients who are able to actively participate in the raising motion. When standing, they can be moved to a wheelchair or to a toilet, this gives them standing practice in connection with the transfer. There are two different sling bar options for Sabina, as well as many different sit-to-stand vests. The patient’s overall mobility determines the choice of sling bar and sit-to-stand vest.

The Sabina equipped with the Comfort Slingbar combined with the Liko ComfortVest provides an especially gentle lifting action without putting pressure under the arms. This combination is suitable for those who are especially sensitive to pressure under the arms, such as people who are paralyzed on one side.

Sabina can also, to a limited extent, be used for passive lifting of a patient sitting in a sling.

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