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The sling is half the lift!

To develop the optimal sling, it is essential to know the details about your patients function on all levels, from both physical and situational perspective. Throughout the years, Hill-Rom (Liko) has worked closely with its customers to gain this understanding, and today there is a Hill-Rom (Liko) sling for every lifting situation.

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Bed to Chair

As this is one of the most common lifting need for most patients, comfort, safety and security of essential.

To/from Toilet action image

To/from Toilet

Lifting patients to and from the toilet requires a well-designed sling that provides access with compromising safety.

Bath and Shower action image

Bath and Shower

Slings for the bath and shower and made from a plastic-coated net. There are available in several models to meet individual patient needs, providing support and comfort in the best possible manner.

Standing and Gait Training action image

Standing and Gait Training

Mobilisation offers both physical and psychological benefits to the patient. Lifting accessories for standing and walking From Hill-Rom (Liko) provide greater opportunities to stand and move under safe and controlled conditions.

Lifting Children action image

Lifting Children

The lifting of children is specific and require great care and skill. Hill-Rom Liko extensive experience in this speciality along with a product range to match.

Leg Amputee’s action image

Leg Amputee’s

Hill-Rom (Liko) offers a special sling, adapted for the lifting of leg amputee’s several other sling models can be used also depending on the degree of amputation and on the lifting situation.

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Patients of Size

Lifting patients of size requires both specially designed lifting equipment and specific techniques. Hill-Rom (Liko) offers products for lifting and repositioning of patients weighing up to 500kg.

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Sabina Sit to Stand Vests

Raising is aided by a support vest which lifts the patient’s upper body. Several different types of support vests are available to meet the needs of different patients. For example, the vest can be placed under or outside the patient’s arms. SabinaTM lift has a wide range of different vest models and accessories.